About us

The company was founded in 1992 by David Efroimovich Zherebchevskiy, Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematical Sciences.
Since 1999, the company specialized in the repairs of mining equipment, mainly Hydraulic Support equipment for coal mines. Specialists of the company developed and patented the modern metal recovery technology by welding stainless steel wire over external and internal surfaces of cylinders in shielding gases.
Over the years, the company repaired thousands Hydraulic Support machines for more than 40 coal mining conglomerates. The exceptional quality, long-term warranty, attention to customer requirements and needs have been the key to the company’s success.

In 2005, the "KANT" management made the decision to acquire additional production capacity, and purchased Makeyevka Manufacturing plant that specialized in repair and manufacture of large scale metal pipes.
With the acquisition of Makeyevka Plant, KANT’s industry reach expanded considerably – the company can serve metallurgy, oil & gas, mechanical engineering, agriculture, and lifting machinery industries.
As a result, the company is well-positioned for the development and growth of the domestic and international markets. “KANT” has built a wonderful, professional team that successfully executes all tasks. Overall “KANT” employs more than 300 people across two manufacturing facilities and headquarters.

Over the years the company was awarded several industry awards, including "Vishcha test" (“Best Tested”) for outstanding quality in 2004 and a laureate rated "Best Enterprises of Ukraine" in the nomination "Mechanical engineering" in 2006.

Manufacturing Capacity

The “KANT” manufacturing plants consist of production facilities, which are located in Donetsk (Batishchev street 10 - 3035.5 sq.m.), and in Makeyevka (Sverdlova street, 25 - 5674 sq.m, territory of the former Makeyevka Pipe Factory).
The plants in both Donetsk and Makeyevka include metal repairs, disassembly and storage of equipment, heavy machinery, storage of inventory and finished products, the site for receiving and shipping of materials and finished products (easy in-and-out access to all types of trucks).