Products. Hydro valves


Designed for use in hydraulic support systems. Safety valve provides protection against overload of the system due to heavy rock pressure by controlling the volume of the working fluid. The valve is installed on the rack-mount units.

Parts of hydraulic equipment

Rack units, valves, control mounts of various designs. Tees, collectors, couplings. Products can be manufactured from corrosion-resistant materials as well as undergo galvanic treatment.

Hydraulic distribution blocks RGC and RGC-12-20

Designed to start, stop or change the flow of working fluids in various hydraulic systems, mainly in mining and in other machinery with manual controls, deployed in a pressurized environment . Specifications include increased valves vs. competitive products, which enables improvement in the speed of operation by 1.5 - 2 times.

Filter elements

Filter elements of different complexities. Crane filters, including innovations of KANT – Crane filter KANT (KF(p)K), designed to allow filter clean up without dismantling.


Connecting parts, installed at points of intersections, turns, and transitions to a different diameter, as well as in places of frequent assembly and disassembly.