Innovations – Hydro valves

Protection valve KANT KGK39.280

Designed for use in hydraulic support systems. Safety valve provides protection against overload of the system due to heavy rock pressure by controlling the volume of the working fluid. The valve is installed on the rack-mount units.

Working fluid - any unflammable hydraulic fluids of following categories:

  • HFAE water / oil emulsion
  • HFAS water solution with the purity level no less than 15, permitted for use in coal mines in accordance with the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report.
  • Reverse valve KANT

    Designed to allow the working fluid flow in one direction and to cut off the flow in the opposite direction.

    Managing valve KANT

    ПDesigned to maintain operating pressure inside hydraulic cylinder during the cut off of control signal. The valve also has the capability of de-pressurization of the cylinder. Fits into the fitting KGU-ZU.

    Faucet filter KANT

    Designed to be able to filter and cut off flow of the operating fluid. Fits between the manifold and the control unit.

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